Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Asshat of the Day - August 12th, 2008

This one's pretty straightforward:

Mark Thomas

Every time I think that the "them furreners, takin' our jobs" mindset is ensconced south of the border, someone like this pops up.

Julie bbviously(sic) has dual citizenship and she should have represented Communist China - it would have been a more comfortable fit for her. Besides waving the red Chinese flag or banner. In her interviews all she talked about was China China China - not once did she mention Canada or if she was proud to represent our country. This is a disgrace she should have represented her real homeland China and not taken advantage of Canada. But then again being 50 she would never have qualified for the Communist Chinese team!

Nevermind that it had already been made clear that what she had held up was a countrywide "Hi Mom!". Nevermind that she was competing for Canada. Mr. Thomas was all too keen to leap onto this as evidence of an immigrant plot...

Julie is not a Canadian - she is and identifies herself as Chinese first. Another example of an immigrant who thinks the multiculturalism means you can live in Canada and enjoy its benefits but sitll consider your birth country as your homeland. Canada deserves better!

(Emphasis mine.) You can see the thought process here; immigrants, clearly, rather than being one of the hardest-working and proudest components of our multicultural society, are moochers who come for the benefits while laughing at us behind our backs. This is the kind of mind that's behind building fences along borders.

What my sports affiliation is - simply is none of your business. The bottom line is members of the Canadian Olympic team are supposed follow certain rules of conduct when they represent Canada - demonstrating loyalty and commitment to the country you represent. She did not! My goodness I can just imagine the hysterua she would have caused had she waved a Quebec flag!

It has all the hallmarks of a genuine, Grade-A asshat... willful ignorance, stubborn refusal to let clumsy things like "facts" get in the way of his uninformed opinion, and bigotry.

For all these reasons, Mark Thomas wins Asshat of the Day.

Jujie and the banner that stirred all this up.  Go Jujie!
Go Jujie!

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  1. He moved from one whine (I'm sorry, he's whining, that's the long and short of it) to another, without doing any homework. The audacity to assume that Jujie, because she has "dual citizenship" (which she doesn't, because China is still not open to that idea), favours one country over another is illogical. As for her talking about China, she's born in China, trained in China, won the country's ONLY medal in fencing (until this morning, that is) in 1982, and IS IN CHINA doing the said interviews...why would she NOT be focusing on China?
    A few other posters in the thread also made a really good point: The Canadian government gives almost zero support for sports training. Jujie essentially had to ditch her own job (as a fencing coach), self-fund her way through competitions around the world for the past year, and place high enough in all of them to MAKE it to the Olympics. The Chinese and American athletes? Train, compete, eat, and sleep, in that order. Did I mention the sleuth of medical and nutritional personnels those athletes have? Seriously, if you had the choice between an organization that gave you full support, or one who gave you almost no support, which would you rather speak more of?