Monday, March 1, 2010

The Raving Loony - Liberals and Physics

In the first of what will probably become a semi-regular series, this post will mock Justin, of the Raving Loony, a blog we've mocked before. Repeatedly. And then, unable to handle being called on his own ignorance or tendency to present bias and opinion as fact, he surrendered the field.

But some time ago, he returned. Given his sensitive feelings (and a disinclination towards shooting fish in a barrel), I've largely laid off so far. But then he went and tweeted, and right out in public, too:
Liberals do not understand basic physics. Energy input and output must be equal. This means that man made climate change is impossible.
Ah, finally, a denial that makes sense! Why didn't I realize this before? Clearly, all the energy in Earth's atmosphere comes from the Earth. Human fires, lightning, volcanoes. That's where it's coming from. It's not coming from that massive ball of fusion at the center of our solar system.

I mean, if it were, there'd be some sort of balance between the energy pouring onto the planet and the heat that radiates back out into space. Balance determined by the composition and thickness of the atmosphere. And if that were the case, if humans were to pour gases into the atmosphere that would make it better able to trap heat, we could well be responsible for the definite warming trend observed on our planet.

It's a good thing that the earth is a closed system, with no energy streaming in from any nearby solar furnace. Otherwise, Justin's tweet would make him look like an idiot.

In the future, Justin, do your homework before announcing your revelations. I know you have trouble with homework, but, you know, try.

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