Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Call to Action

And we're back! (Hopefully more permanently.)

But the first reason I'm back and writing is a missive to anyone who reads this blog.

Recently, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was making good moves regarding sex ed. Teaching that homosexuality, in yourself or others, is normal? Excellent! Explaining both the mechanics and consequences of sex before children start having it? Fantastic!

Naturally, some people started shrieking. McGuinty appeared set to hold the line against the Catholic schools...

And then he caved.

So. If you're an Ontarian, write to Mr. McGuinty, and let him know that caving is the wrong thing to do. If you're not an Ontarian, write to Mr. McGuinty and let him know that he's giving his province a black eye before his country and the world.

And, to save you time, I even have a form letter for you:
Mr. McGuinty.

Over the past few days, I was impressed by the new sexual education plan you and your party put forward. It seemed logical, sensible, and meant to address the problems children face in the modern era, rather than some outdated 60s-era "health class". Children are growing up faster in this day and age, and too often parents are unwilling (or unable) to educate their children before their peers or bitter experience does it for them. Your party's plan is an excellent step to bring this part of Ontario's education system up-to-date.

However, today, I am unimpressed. Don't shelve the plan. Don't cave to religious groups who want to keep our youth in the dark so they can warp their minds with regards to their bodies and their sexuality. Stand firm, hold the line, as you have been doing until now.

Please, show that Ontario is a forward-thinking and progressive province... and that the Liberal party of Ontario isn't willing to let children remain in the dark in order to assuage a vocal minority who fear losing control of their minds.

[Name here]

Get on this, folks.

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