Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is Ironic... Wait, No, That's Not the Word...

...what was the word I was looking for? Oh yes. Predictable.

Alberta Closes Books on Fiscal Year with $852 Million Shortfall. (Globe and Mail)

This is why I kept my mouth shut when folks like Hunter were saying...
If oil keeps above $60, and the bank rate stays below 1%, I predict massive profits for the federal government because of oil sands development. Did Page factor the oil sands into his calculations? I doubt it because he has no clue what is happening in the west.

Oil's at $72/barrel today. Federal prime rate is at half a percent. And profits... wait, what?

Alright, Alberta separatists. Alright, right-wingers from Alberta who believe that the rest of the country wants your oil money - where's the money? Huh? Where has it gone?

Oh, that's right. Tax cuts to corporations and the rich. Carry on.

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